is not a good one. my mind itches, and I just want to be left alone. but there are people everywhere, and they all want something from me. I’m wearing a mask, and no one can tell.


is being underwater disconnected from everything and everyone wondering where the joy in your life has disappeared to. is watching one of your favorite comedians and having one-tenth of your brain think the joke is funny but the other nine-tenths not being able to work up enough emotion to care. is dreading having to back … More Depression

Me…and Her

Today, in the car. We are on the way home from Mother’s where Kidlet has been with Nana while I ran to a doctor’s appointment and Target. I am a different Mommy than this morning. This morning, I was nervous about being late even though there was ample time. It didn’t feel like ample time. … More Me…and Her


we had a fight, and now everything is too loud and bright and I just want to sleep. When he left to go to the funeral home and help his momma make arrangements, we’d just decided to tell Kidlet tonight. He comes home and all of a sudden, because she’d had a bad experience at … More Grief?