we had a fight, and now everything is too loud and bright and I just want to sleep. When he left to go to the funeral home and help his momma make arrangements, we’d just decided to tell Kidlet tonight. He comes home and all of a sudden, because she’d had a bad experience at a funeral when she was a kid, he was introducing this great idea his momma had that Kidlet wouldn’t go to the funeral. Honestly, I’d already thought about him maybe not going. That’s a lot for a kid his age to process. It wasn’t the idea that pissed me off; it was him walking in without talking to me, 99% convinced this should be our plan without talking to me. About our child. Because his momma had had an idea. Again. And when I called him in it, and he rolled his eyes as if I were being irrational, I went off. Damn, can’t even fight in my own house without wondering about her getting an earful. Anyway, we calmed and talked about it and he says he sees it as me having a problem because she was the one to suggest it. Fine. I’ll be the bad guy. Again.


One thought on “Grief?

  1. Uuuuhg. As if all of the grief isn’t enough, why does it have to bleed out into the corners of our lives we think are safe from it? I am so sorry, friend.

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