is not a good one. my mind itches, and I just want to be left alone. but there are people everywhere, and they all want something from me. I’m wearing a mask, and no one can tell. Advertisements


is being underwater disconnected from everything and everyone wondering where the joy in your life has disappeared to. is watching one of your favorite comedians and having one-tenth of your brain think the joke is funny but the other nine-tenths not being able to work up enough emotion to care. is dreading having to back … More Depression

A Mean Mommy

I’m stressed out, and I’m tired, and I’m mean. Today, I have asked my mother not to fuss at me. In turn, I’ve fussed at my both my husband and child. I have grades to complete, and a syllabus to plan, and report card comments to write, and a house to clean, and this stupid … More A Mean Mommy

Chasing Dad

I think I’ve done almost everything I can to avoid starting this post. I’ve started a new load of laundry, cleaned my bathroom (though frankly that space NEEDED to be cleaned before the folks in Haz Mat suits were called in), played around on Facebook, updated my Fitbit, etc. etc. And this entry was my … More Chasing Dad

Not the only one who cares, but damn it feels that way sometimes

I think I once read that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. I also read that ignorance is bliss. Not writing helps me remain blissful. If I don’t write, I don’t think, and if I don’t think, maybe I can ignore the burgeoning unhappiness that seems right around every corner of my mind. I am … More Not the only one who cares, but damn it feels that way sometimes

Depression, maybe?

Ever just feel crummy for no apparent reason? I started off fine, but now I’m just kinda “meh.” Is this a mood swing, hormonal thing? Is this what depression feels like? Is this just a sinus headache, throat hurty thing? WHAAATTT? I want to be a writer. The way Toni Morrison and Alice Walker string … More Depression, maybe?