we had a fight, and now everything is too loud and bright and I just want to sleep. When he left to go to the funeral home and help his momma make arrangements, we’d just decided to tell Kidlet tonight. He comes home and all of a sudden, because she’d had a bad experience at … More Grief?

Lies we’re told

there is no dignity in dying. Wishing I could find whoever told me that bullshit and beat him with several rolls of quarters. I hate watching him suffer. God, if you love him, if you love us, won’t you please take him home??


they are putting him in hospice. The icu Doctor says he’s done all he can. Want to feel angry? Try and understand the fairness of your mother-in-law facing widowhood. I’m so mad at God right now. Just, why? no comments, please. I don’t want any esoteric, theological, well-meaning explanations about His priorities, or plans, or … More ?


How do you explain death to a three-year-old? I have a feeling I’ll be doing that very soon, and I don’t even know where to start. Pray. And think of my family.

Checking in…

I’d rather be reading “The Yellow Wallpaper,” but I need Mia to GET OFF MY BACK, so I’m posting. Honestly, she’s right. Not only do we have an agreement, I need to write and sort through all of what’s been happening lately. Well, I’ll attempt to sort through some of this. And even more honestly, … More Checking in…