PMS Ramblings

This is going to be a quick one. I’m writing this to ensure I get it done before I fall asleep. It’s only 10:06 pm, which during the regular part of the school year is late but not so on vacation, however, my vagina is about to be closed for maintenance [read: Aunt Flo is boarding the flight for her monthly visit] and I’m crazy exhausted. I started yawning like mad around 7 pm. Yea. It’s like that.

That’s why we hate TOM, right, Mia? TOM = time of the month. Brilliant.

Is that too many commas in the above question? I suck when it comes to adding unnecessary commas.

Let me say, as an English teacher no less, the English language is particularly difficult to teach because there are thousands of rules with even more exceptions. Each exception nullifies a rule until you’re left wondering why the rule exists in the first place. Just leave me alone and let me read.

Ugh, rambling much?

This entry is clearly going to be full of drivel and nonsense. You’re welcome.

Six minutes to go, and then I’ll release all of us from this madness.

I got a Fitbit, indirectly, from a student. His family gave me a $75 Visa prepaid card, and I used that card plus money from our PFC’s (parent faculty club) gift to all the teachers to purchase a Fitbit the day after Christmas. I have to say that the headaches of helicopter parents have a way of being much more easily dealt with when your kiddos and parents reward you like this. Now, this card is the most valuable (monetarily speaking) gift I’ve ever gotten. (Well, except for some earrings from a kid, but that was with his parents’ permission and because I was the homeroom teacher). Typically, it’s Etsy jewelry, stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments, candy, etc. This year, though, I got the card from one kid who’s really sweet and this gorgeous infinity scarf from another one of my students who I find sweet and hilarious. It’s nice to get these tokens from them. Makes me think what I’m doing with them matters to them. I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging, because I really don’t mean to. I just stop and realize how blessed I am sometimes. There are so many not so thrilling moments, so it’s nice when it feels like your hard work and sacrifice of time away from your family is noted and appreciated.

Anyway, back to the Fitbit. It’s really inspiring me to ramp up my fitness goals. I’ve been tracking sleep and steps for a while, and now I’m back to tracking calories, sleep, and steps plus water, exercise, calories burned, etc. I also like that I can challenge and participate in challenges with my friends who also have Fitbits. I completed one today that was focused on achieving 10,000 steps, which may not seem like much but is a lot when you’re on vacation and thus prone to napping and lounging and watching fabulous documentaries like What Happened, Miss Simone? as recommended by a wonderful friend.

I did so well with the challenge! And then I came home and ate a bag of gummi candy. And am seriously contemplating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Because TOM.

The jerk.


4 thoughts on “PMS Ramblings

      1. Exactly. They have their struggles just like we regular folks have struggles. It makes me wonder about the price of “greatness.”

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