Somewhat Wordless Wednesdays #1

So even though I plan to post regularly picture posts are easy and fun, right. Here are some photos and thoughts from today…and last week. What?? I didn’t get to it, alright?! Oh I’m sorry – I’ll stop being belligerent now.



So this is my city. I love this view when I’m driving anywhere around Dallas. Like Mia I kinda go hard for my city.



Yea, I’m a little more ambivalent about Texas. It’s so flippin separationist – martial law in some areas; folks always trying to secede from the Union (where is that hot?? Oh yea, here); and *shudders* the Bush legacy. *double shudders* This picture is really blurry, kinda like my emotions for this state, lol.



Cause I am determined to lose this weight once and for all! Especially by the wedding. My sister’s getting married in June and I’m determined to be the flyest bridesmaid walking down that aisle. Picture Ice Cube and Chris Turner when Nia Long comes running down the street in Friday. That’s the reaction I want when I come down the aisle. Cause I’m a selfish b&*@#$ who doesn’t care it’s my sister’s day to shine. Kidding. Sort of.



Some of my favorite shows…that I photographed because we got rid of cable…because I can’t find a job. Man it sucks to be broke. Sad faces all around, man. Never mind I’m temping but this STUPID agency looks like they are totally screwing me in terms of hours. Where is having shifts for long-term assignments dependent on incoming temps actually hot in the streets?! Oh yea, here. Meh.


3 thoughts on “Somewhat Wordless Wednesdays #1

  1. Interesting shots – after all these decades I still get sort of excited when I see the Dallas skyline from I35 coming up from the south or I30 from the west. Go to the NYLO Southside and visit the Soda bar on the roof for an amazing view.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know – driving into, out of, or around downtown is always a visual pleasure because of our skyline. I especially love seeing it in a distance – let’s me know I’m close to home. Funny how a skyline orients you. It’s like a compass marking the way.

      1. PS: Me and my husband will definitely have to do this – it looks familiar but the location I remember wasn’t on the Southside but actually downtown. I love rooftop bars/lounges. Thanks for the tip!

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