My Contradictory (and Trifling) Self

So…here I am again back after (*shudders*) months away. Ironically the email for this blog is shewritesmuch @ Yea, I’ve been doing the exact opposite of that. I feel like I have a good excuse, at least partly! I had a baby, searched for a job, lost said job (ugh, we’ll talk about that later), started back to school, continued searching for a job, started subbing, had Christmas break from school, went back to school and am now temping. In other words, I’m busy yo.

But ohhh the writing. How I’ve missed the writing. And it doesn’t help when I read the fabulous blogs that I follow and see how wonderfully those women manage to pull me into their lives via their retelling of events. I think I’ve posed that question: can you be a writer (or even call yourself one) if you don’t write that much?

While I know, legitimately, I do have a lot going on, I also know I should make time for this. So…here I am trying to make time for it. Again. I’m hoping to write every few days even if I don’t have anything particularly interesting going on/to say just to establish a groove.

I DO have an idea for a post about mothers and daughters. Sigh, that one…might take a while for me to get down as I am caught up in said drama.

Ok, for my 2.3 readers: I’m back!!! Yay!


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