A Letter to My Unborn Baby

I totally got this idea from another blogger (whom I adore) so first, let me giver Heather her props. (This is probably going to be kind of weird because I semi-stalk her blog via the archives and have only commented once…on a current post. Nonetheless, she and her husband are freaking awesome writers and people).

A Letter to My Unborn Baby

Dear Peanut,

This is your Mommy. But you probably knew that, since you hear my voice talking to you every day and constantly feel me soothing you through your temporary home, my ever expanding belly.

What you may not know is how absolutely, over-the-moon, beyond all belief, in heaping, staggering amounts you are loved. We haven’t even met you yet but your Daddy and I are so excited for the day we get to meet you face-to-face. (And though your Mommy has a tendency to rush things, don’t you be in a hurry to arrive: keep “cooking” on schedule, ok?)

Not a day goes by…oh, who am I kidding, not an hour goes by that I don’t wonder about you. Will you look like me or your Daddy? If you look like your Daddy, will you also inherit his nose? (‘Cause just between us, he’s got a huge, stinkin’ honker…Think: “Why Grandma, what a big ose you have!” “Why, the better to smell you with my dear.” Hmmm, you’re probably not going to catch that reference just yet, are you? Remind me to read you “Little Red Riding Hood.”) Are you a boy or a girl? Will you love all things artistic like your Mommy or will you occasionally enjoy them like your Daddy? Will you come to know Jesus at an early age or will you give us gray hairs through a turbulent, young-adult life filled with less than stellar decisions? Will you be a nerd like your Mommy who’s super-smart but can lose focus really quick?

You see? These are just some of the things we can’t wait to find out about you. We’ve already planned out how the nursery will be decorated; your name has been chosen; and I’ve already brought up where you’ll go to primary, middle, and high school. What? I told you: I think ahead.

We can’t wait to hold you, kiss you, love on you for the first time. But don’t be hardheaded like your Daddy: stay in the oven and keep cooking, ok?

Lots of love,


P.S. Your nickname Peanut is ‘cause at the first sonogram, you were only about 6 weeks and 4 days old and so small you resembled a Peanut. XOXOXO


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