I Feel Gross

Ugh. Freaking morning sickness. Or in my case, around-the-clock gagging that never ends in vomiting, just in the constant sensation of “Am I about to see that Cinnamon Toast Crunch in reverse???” Sigh. I guess I should feel good that I haven’t actually seen any meal “twice,” because oh, how I do hate throwing up. But I was so looking forward to the eating for two part of pregnancy, cause oh how I do love to eat….Instead, I left class early last night. And I ended up not going to work today. Which probably wouldn’t be a big deal except when you’re a teacher and absent from class, who knows what the heck your students are learning. Looks like tomorrow we’ll get to review lessons…because I’ve already been emailed that they were really confused about yesterday’s topic. Ugh. Freaking morning sickness.

Am I the Only One Who Does This?

Normally, my husband’s snoring is enough to keep me up at night. At the very least, it’ll wake me up at least twice a night and results in me elbow jabbing him and yelling “Roll OVER!” like 20 times because he’s all groggy and, you know, sleeping well, the jerk.

So the other night after a middle-of-the-night pee trip (because at this stage my baby’s kidneys are doing QUITE well) I climbed back into bed and noticed it was quiet. Too quiet. So I laid on my side and nudged him with my toe. Hard enough apparently for him to sit up and look at me all confusedly. At which point I just looked at him and closed my eyes. Sorry, but if you’re not snoring, I need to make sure you’re alive. Am I the only wife who’s done this kind of check?


I’m watching Final Destination 3 (only because it’s on and I’m too lazy…and nauseous to turn the channel) and the camera the star just kicked and mashed in with her foot just came back to life. Seriously? This is what’s passing for horror these days?


Well, this post has been worthless I believe. I have no funny in me. Let’s blame it on the nausea.


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