Parking Lot Mishaps or Why I Hate People*
I consider myself a pretty nice person. I’m polite; always say please and thank you; and understand the meaning of personal space. Here are examples of my niceness. If you’re behind me and we’re both entering a building, I’ll hold the door for you! If you hand me a paper I asked for (saying “please” when I requested it) I’ll say “thank you!” If we’re having a conversation, I won’t stand so close that your exhale becomes my inhale; in other words I respect your bubble.

What drives me nuts, as you can probably guess, is when people are rude…especially for NO reason but they’re just full of evil and need to never force people to interact with them. So whenever I have an encounter with these people I usually come away from it seething like a madwoman. Or wanting to go all Miss Manners/Crazy Woman Screaming at Strangers on them.

Yesterday, I had a doctor’s appointment. More on that later. I’m circling the lot and not having any luck when I see a woman walking to her car. I pull up as she’s getting to the door and wait. She takes forevvvvvvvvvver: she opens the car door; closes the car door; walks to the trunk to put away this purse/bag/whatever; and then finally climbs back in. I have about 5 minutes to get my doctor’s office so I’m starting to get impatient. Finally, she starts her car and puts it in reverse. She looks over her shoulder to back out, sees me, looks at me and does this whole “I’m going to throw up my hand in such frustration” thing because I guess she felt like she didn’t have enough space. (She TOTALLY had enough space; she just felt like being Mega B*&ch I think. Here’s the part where I had to talk myself off the ledge. Do you know she then proceeded to turn off the ignition and JUST SIT IN HER CAR???? Who does that??? Use your words, roll down your window, and politely ask for more space!!! I was DONE. I drove off and when I quickly circled back she’d left the spot and I was able to pull into it. In-san-i-ty.

*I don’t really hate people. But some make we want to slap them. Hard. And repeatedly.

You Just Like the Sound of Your Own Voice, Don’t You?

We’ve all encountered this person: he likes to ask questions…a lot. He talks on and on making a point after others are more than ready for him to just shut up already, cause we got it 3 minutes ago. Last night, I was sitting in class (I’m determined to get this M.A. although it really sucks that I have to pay for it myself because grad students can only claim their financial aid at UTA if they’re taking 6 or more hours….which I think is so unfair because a lot of grad students also work full-time and if you have a job like mine, then how in the world are you supposed to work 50+ hours each week AND take two graduate-level classes? And have a life? And be successful at it all??/end rant). So, I’m sitting in class and this dude decides he wants to ask question…after question…after question. And his remarks are always slightly random but you can tell he’s really cracking himself up. Hmmm, I just realized this probably wasn’t interesting enough to include in my post. Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice?

The Non-Answer

So, Hubby and I are on a quest to get pregnant. Only it’d help if my cycle was, you know, regular, and actually showed up when it’s supposed to and not just whenever the hell it feels like making an appearance. So after being 3 ½ weeks late this summer (I wasn’t pregnant) and getting it every 3 weeks instead of every 4 (no wonder I have no energy and have to drag myself out of bed) it’s late, again. This time only about 3 days. But I made an appointment because this? Is ridiculous. My doctor had just had me come in and do some bloodwork regarding this but I hadn’t heard back yet so I figured it meant everything was normal. Which it is, she told me. But, that was pretty much the extent of her answer. Let me summarize

Me: Dr. Smith, I just don’t know what to do. I’m trying to track ovulation so we can have an easier time getting pregnant but my cycle is all over the place.
Her: Well, there are three reasons this can happen – stress, lack of sleep, weight gain.
Me: Well, I’m not stressed. And I get plenty of sleep. (which is mostly true)
Her: Well, I’d suggest changing your diet and getting plenty of exercise, which of course are good to help you get pregnant anyway.
Me: (blinking and thinking about all the overweight, non-exercising and eating right people I’ve seen pregnant) OooooKay.
Her: I know this is frustrating but really, there’s not much we can do right now. Get some Clear Blue Easy ovulation kits so you know when to be intimate. And if your period still isn’t here next week, come back and we’ll do a pregnancy test since that’ll be 4 weeks without a period.
Me: (thinking did I just pay money for her to tell me to lose weight and come back next week???) OooooKay.

P.S. I had to wait almost 2 hours before I even got to see her…For this. She’s an amazing doctor which is why I put up with the wait but this? Was not what I was hoping to hear.


3 thoughts on “Snippets


    1. Get a new doctor. My old doctor was elusive like this. Hated it. Found a new one. Love him.
    2. I was fat and got pregnant. And you’re just going to keep getting fatter. I’m no doctor, but I think your cycle is the real reason.
    3. I would have rammed that bitch with my car. I am not so polite.

    1. 1. I would but I totally love her. I don’t know though; I’ve been considering it because I DO NOT have 2+ hours to sit in anyone’s waiting room. My principal’s understanding but clearly she hired me to teach, not take off work during school hours.
      2. I agree: I crave crave crave food but typically when it’s on the way. Sigh….It’s a no-win.
      3. LOLOL. This? Is why I read your blog now.

  2. By keep getting fatter – I mean when you’re pregnant. It’s impossible to lose weight while pregnant and eating cake at 2am. At least that was my experience. Not that you’re fat now because I really doubt you are.

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