In the Blink of an Eye…Part One

How do I tell these stories? Where do I begin? There’s been so much going on since I last write and telling it in a linear, day-to-day fashion that would probably make more sense than spewing it onto the page all stream-of-conscious like…which is really how I’m thinking these days.

So, um, we’ll see how this goes.

Let’s start so many weeks ago on January 13th. (And I checked my status to get this date right so y’all better appreciate me, LOL!) status read – SnC would like never again to repeat this morning’s gym locker room experience.

Why? And keep in mind as I answer that question that this was the second time IN A ROW that I saw the foolishness. The only difference? To a much greater extent.

You know those women who feel ridiculously comfortable in a public locker room? Kind of like they’re in their own shower in their own bathroom in their own house? Yea, there were a couple of those kinda women in the locker room.

After a great workout, I collected my shower gear and walked over to the private (read: with a locking door and bench inside) shower room that I used my first a.m. workout. Only someone was already in it. “Natch!” The only one available? Door – check. Bench – check. Working lock on door….ummmmmm, nada. I walked around the corner to see if there were others I could use. Picture an L-shaped area with private cube-showers with doors, one long shower with the same build you have in a house (longer than it is tall), with a curtain and two regular, tall showers, each with a curtain.

Sidebar: I don’t know about you, but this girl needs a bench at the least. This way nothing goes on the, let’s face it, gross and wet locker room floor and I can shower and change in one area (meaning the putting on of bra and panties in an area away from where I put on shirt and pants). /end sidebar.

So yea, I’m looking to see what else shower-wise is available, see there isn’t and on my way back turn just in time to see a shower curtain open, a woman all NAKED who decides after opening the shower curtain is the best time to wring the water from her washcloth and rearrange her shower caddy items. Do you know how long it takes to do that?? Do you know how much I saw that I didn’t want to see? I felt visually assaulted.

And it didn’t end there. Two more times as I was dressing there were other women preparing for the shower or workout or work. Let me ask you, when you get dressed in a public setting like a gym locker room, which way do you face? In towards your locker so your butt’s out or out towards the room so your “goodies” are on display? It’s just like in college when you had a roommate. Stay in your own area and by all means FACE AWAY from others presently in the room. Apparently these two women didn’t have those rules.

“I bet she grew up in a naked house.” Charlotte York, Sex and the City
How did my morning gym routine end? With me realizing I didn’t have my dress shoes in my gym bag. You know the ones that would’ve matched what I was wearing to work. So how did I leave the gym? Your girl was cute from the ankles waist up. The pants? Too tight cause of this ludicrous weight gain. So, cute sweater, cute scarf, cute winter coat, cute locs, too-tight pants and gym shoes…with white socks.

See why I didn’t want to repeat that experience?


4 thoughts on “In the Blink of an Eye…Part One

  1. Hey, sis! I just wanted you to know that I gave up social networking sites for Lent… no FB or Twitter for me. That being said: UPDATE!!!

  2. I feel like I left you a message, but now I can’t remember. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I gave up Twitter for Lent but I still want you to write. So write. I have written, like, five times in a row. I rock. Now you go write!!!

    1. Girl, I will….
      It’s been so much going on I’m fighting to keep my head above water. That being said, I want to stop the suckage of not writing so hopefully I’ll get to these next few days while I’m on vacation. Thanks for checking on me. 🙂

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