Things in my work life have been less than settled lately. I’ve had to handle certain, ahem, situations. Only pronounce that “sitch-e-a-tions” and you’ll have a better understanding of the exhausting drama that has been the daily grind.

I got removed as the consultant for two of our accounts…I had clients complain about certain actions…I seemingly ignored, but in reality overlooked, a few details and thus responsibilities. And looking at it typed out here, I’m quite grateful for mercy cuz they so coulda canned my @ss.

So with all this negativity floating around as of late (and let me say in my defense that this whole entire mess was not something I shrugged my shoulders at as in “whatevs” but really discouraged me like “wtf?? Why do I keep doing even the simplest things wrong??) you can imagine how not looking forward to a monthly check-in with my manager I was. Only for her to leave me a VM asking where was the form I was supposed to turn in at least a day prior to the meeting. That I hadn’t. Because I had forgotten. At which point I mentally turned and looked at myself and said “Really? I mean seriously SNC?” (think of those windows smart phone commercials and you’ll see my expression exactly).

So I had something I could turn in that I’d been working on that was similar to the document but of course still had to deal with the frustration pumping off my manager for getting her this info 30 minutes before a meeting vs. 24 hours.

Yea, the meeting with the boss who’s already giving you regular side-eye because of your recent work “history”? Not off to the best of starts. Thank Jesus a turning point took place because of my statement regarding my own personal frustration with my own personal work self that is UTTERLY unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Seriously, I’m usually the overachiever, over-prepared, teacher’s boss’s pet…not the one who’s looking down the barrel of probation.

So, along with the statement, some goal-establishing, and some friendlier chatting I do believe things are leveling out.

And I’m so so glad…cause you know, I’m weird in that I actually like being able to pay bills on time…and buy toothpaste when I need it…and not having to sit around a house waiting for a working husband to come home to his loser out-of-work wife.

Speaking of said husband – yes, we made up. Essentially, he felt I could do a better job serving him. Which is actually true…because I certainly run him ragged. But his method of initially sharing this feeling with me. Oh yea, he mos def came home to Queen of the Silent Treatment for a couple of days….

And though I was silent outwardly, inside I was majorly cursing him right, left, up down and back.


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