A Skinny Girl Dying to Get Out

I can not afford to lose my job.

I thought this as I sat at the salon getting my pink and white fill. (I’m not going to comment on the lady next to me getting a manicure who got a call about her unemplyment getting cut…Dude, you’re on unemployment and you’re getting a manicure?? Not judging, not judging.)

So, anyway, I cannot afford to lose my job. Oh, but I am loathing it so. There are so many little things wrong with it…and I keep getting involved in…situations, that somehow make things worse. It’s funny, because when I first started I loved it. And now? It’s a huge cluster.

But I have bills to pay, and a house to save for, and little luxuries like groceries and deoderant to afford so, for the time being, I’m doing my damndest to keep it.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was good. Mine was up until the point where my husband actually told me, after I’d asked him to get me a piece of pecan pie, and he came back to the table and sat down instead, “I just didn’t feel like it.”

Really?? I never would’ve thought he’d say something like that. So you can imagine what I knew I wouldn’t feel like doing that night. And that I haven’t felt like talking to him since then.

And now I’m watching Alive.

Jeez, the last 12+ hours have been depressing.


2 thoughts on “A Skinny Girl Dying to Get Out

  1. So he just didn’t feel like it, huh?


    I’m sorry, sis, about the pecan pie. I know my blood would have been boiling! You are better than me, cause I would have truly shown my whole, entire ass.

    Have things gotten better?

    1. Oh girl I showed my WHOLE Brown Sugar Butter Ass. Best Believe. I was HOT.

      Yea, we talked. Finally. After I lifted the conversation ban. 🙂

      Things are MUCH better. The issue – men can be such babies incapable of using their words. With their silly selves…

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