Been Such a Long Time…I Forgot that I Was Fine

Ok, ok. I’ll post already! How tragic that I have to be challenged to post. Especially when it’s been…seven months. Yeesh. But in my defense, LIFE has been kicking my…

So my RA hasn’t gotten any better. And I soon learned after I had the cold sore from hell that didn’t want to heal just why I have to actually take my medicine. Like, every day. Supposedly, the fatigue should end after three or four continuous months on the meds. It’s been 2 and a half. Seriously? I’m about ready to just curl up and die. My energy level SUCKS donkey butt.

Work has been its own special cluster. I’m so ready to transfer out of my department so I’ve been volunteering left and right (and getting selected!) for various projects, most incorporating some type of writing. I’m even acting as Project Lead for one of the projects which is a lot of fun. Y’all know I’m a bossy bitch 🙂

Marriage. Freaking marriage. No, I’m kidding. It’s the hardest but most rewarding job. I’m guessing being a mommy will be similar…only a lot more of the whole “it feels like my heart is walking around outside my body” kind of thing.

Ok, lovelies. This is a short one but I really am trying to post on a far more regular basis.

I’m heading for the Caribbean (anniversary cruise!!!) so I can’t promise anything for the next week but I’ll have lots of photos and stories from the boat I expect.

Thank you for chasing me back in here Mia!


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