Tips We Should Live By

PMS Tip One: Stay close to home. You know better: you’re not fit for human consumption. Save yourself an extra headache and the world a scare. BE ALONE.

PMS Tip Two: No matter how much you want to punch your husband in the face for clearing his throat, remember, you love this man. It’s just your period talking.

PMS Tip Three: Don’t be afraid to lock yourself in a quiet room, cry, scream, throw a temper tantrum that would put a four-year-old to shame. After all, we should be allowed to regress from the sanity of a mature woman once a month, right?


I’m having a pms-kind-of-week. Everything is ridiculously hectic and this morning I woke us as Ms. Crabby McWitchy. Only let’s substitute a B after the Mc. As I sat up blearily, working on one of what feels like a kazillion projects, my husband sat quietly on his side of the bed, studying before he left for work. Clearing. His. Throat. Again and again and a-damn-gain. I wanted to take his book (never mind he was reading a devotional) and shove it down his throat.

I hate PMS. And ok, I’m going to whine for a bit. OMG, I am so exhausted from everything I heaped on my plate. It just got all messy: I got one project in the middle of another and the new one was a surprise and I’d already agreed/volunteered myself/not thought ahead because I can’t see into the future, so when asked to sign up I couldn’t say “no,” right? Right?

I am incapable of saying no. Actually, I can. And have. And do. I just didn’t this time. So, bring on the crank. Cause I’m so not handling this well.

And I don’t want to keep whining; you’re not the only one who doesn’t want to hear it.


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