the catch up game

So. Much. Has Happened.

I’ve totaled my car, (she cut me off, I swear!)*, replaced it with newer, better, and somehow cheaper (gotta love the rewards of good credit)**, fallen deeper in love with my husband, been crazy involved in church church church, babysat a couple of bed-hogging little cousins, been shamed by my doctor back into treating my rheumatoid arthritis and learned more about Jesus.***

I’m probably forgetting a few items. Isn’t it sad that my life got extra interesting yet I found no time to write. Shame on me, I know.

*I was driving down a suburban Dallas highway; it switched from two to one lanes because of stupid construction they’ve been doing for stupid long. Everyone had the same idea to exit onto the service road…at the same time. Suddenly, a little Ford Ranger swerved in front of me (seriously, she wasn’t there and then she was; it was like the Amazing Appearing Bad Driver!!) and the person in front of her slammed on her breaks, AABD slammed on hers, and into that truck, and then I swerved to the right to try and avoid them (I’d rather hit a retaining wall any day, especially at a low speed, rather than get someone else involved/hurt/etc) so instead of my entire front end getting ripped off, the drivers side clipped the Ranger and the Ranger took it badly. As in it brutally sought revenge on my poor little Corolla.

When the adjuster showed up and saw the damage, the first thing he said was “You hit a truck?” When cars collide, it’s a bumper to bumper accident, those fenders absorb some of the damage, and it’s not as extensively hurt. When a car smashes into a truck, it does just that. Smashes. I probably should’ve logically deduced this but…I didn’t get shaky when I couldn’t open my driver’s side door and get out. I didn’t get shaky when the exit ramp traffic kept whizzing by. I didn’t get shaky when I had to climb over the gear shift and arm rest out the passenger door. But oh boy when I saw how smashed in my headlight was, how crumpled one side of the hood was…and the little pieces of glass still embedded in my car, just on a lower level because a huge chunk of it had dropped to the bottom of the car…yea, then I got shaky.

goodbye, corolla

See? And although I thought it sucked mightily, I really didn’t expect this to cause the car to be totaled out. But there was so much wrong underneath the hood (the fuse box was mangled, my battery acid was leaking all over the place). There was more “internal” damage than anything. It’s like the person who walks around and looks like they have a bad cold but inside their lungs are shutting down, less blood is being pumped from the heart, and this analogy just became a bit too eew and macabre for even me.

**So, on to newer and this time better thanks to Husband’s credit. Say whaaaaaaat? Yea, I’m not a big fan of buying items, especially major ones such as a car, in someone else’s name but my credit woulda so jacked me again this time around. My Corolla car payment: $400. This one: $247. See? I’ve gone through credit repair; I’m nowhere near as bad off as I was: re, drowning in debt with a kabillion credit cards. I have a reasonable amount; all old debts are paid, I just paid off another and closed it; BUT the other two I have are pretty much maxed. So, my lesson is half-learned and will be fully learned come end of May when both are paid down to half and left alone for the next three months…two months at least. Ok, one. No two…I can do two. But meanwhile, I’m rocking my BCBGMaxazria and Michael Kors. Ideeli, I love you.

***So since I started writing this last week sometime, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say here. But Jesus? He’s my friend. Suffice to say He proves Himself to me over and over, again.

Dude, have you ever done allergy testing? Let me tell you, my back felt like it was on fire. When the technician came back after 15 minutes to check the results I was seriously considering asking her for the flippin’ fire extinguisher cause my back was on FIRE. You know I’m special. I can’t have simple allergies. No thanks to what, genetics, Springtime, this Dallas climate, I’m allergic to almost everything. As in, when they showed me the printout, I had x’s in every column, except some molds. So….here come the allergy shots. Wow it’s expensive to be sickly.


Let’s see: Nexium for gastritis, Plaquenil for rheumatoid arthritis, LoEstrin 24FE because the baby plan is for next year not now, Fluocinonide for excema, Albuterol for asthma, Singulair, Chlorotabs, Assorted Nasal Sprays and now Shots for allergies. Jeez. I don’t feel sickly and yet, when I realize all the pills I have to take, all the squirts I have to inhale…it’s no wonder I had to be shamed into taking my RM meds.

So, consider us caught up. I’ve got another post I’m working on. My goal is to post later this week. We shall see…(cue the piano music: dun dun dun).


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