So, I haven’t been around in a while. Eh. What’re you gonna do?

Interestingly enough, lots has happened. Short end of it is that I’m working, full time for an educational non-profit, I love it, I left the church job (which probably happened at a good time after a crazy fallout with my boss which was quickly swept under the rug and never dealt with) and just got my first earnings statement from the new gig in today’s mail.

By all rights, I should be asleep. Tomorrow’s got a couple of things on the calendar and the time in between should be fairly full. But.

But. I hate arguing with my husband. We’ve been doing much better. Even with the chemistry. For a while, I had no urge. I mean none. It’s like I was PMSing all the time, but without the cramps and mood swings. Then, finally, in the New Year, it returned.

Good times.

Until tonight when my husband made some silly, insensitive comment, that honestly, I know he didn’t mean in a mean way but…it hurt my feelings nonetheless and so, what was supposed to be a night of “fun” turned into him kissing me goodnight at 9:30pm and me sitting out in the living room rocker finishing “Under the Dome” (I LOVE Stephen King) and half-watching repeats of the “Office” and “Seinfeld.”

“Golden Girls” is on now and I’m no closer to going to climb into bed next to my sleeping husband. Sleepier, yes, but still…

I hate when we argue.


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