probably the only time it’s appropriate to use the phrase “not unless Jesus Himself said so” in an interview

Dude, when did it become November? I looked up and suddenly months have blown by and I’m still much unemployed. Wow. Never saw this stretching out this long. Anyhoo. I’m currently swallowing allergy pills, knocking back TheraFlu and making sure I’m wearing my socks when I go to sleep. My sinuses are currently revolting and congestion + headaches = my new best friends. Have I mentioned I really don’t like these particular friends??

Married life is going well. Two days ago, my husband told me he’s really “enjoyed” me lately. Swoon. So we’re still doing well in our counseling sessions. Wait. Maybe that’s not really an accurate statement. We’re doing well. I’m a little “eh” on the past two sessions. Basically, I was kinda chastised for visiting my friends a couple of months back. I was told that essentially I left my husband (WTF) and I needed to examine my “deep need/emotional attachment” for my friends now that I’m married. Now, keep in mind, that when I went on this trip Husband had no issues. All of a sudden his ass is on the bandwagon talking about he never understood why I needed so badly to go on this trip. In my head I’m thinking “and this is when you want to tell me how you feel about it? Suddenly, when I’m already feeling this attacked?” Blah. Not the happiest session…


So, I’ve had a couple of interviews lately. The best was for an admin position at my church. So far, it looks like the only job I’m still in the running for. I was asked what I would do if an associate minister asked me to so something contrary to the orders of my actual supervisor, the pastor. Basically my answer was the above title. Cute, right? And weirdly (?) appropriate.

Hey, I know this is a short entry, but at least I posted, right? Which is more than I can say for some (side eye @

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