don’t you hate…

When you have a really bizarre dream, but instead of remembering it, you forget it about 20 minutes after you wake up? Oh well. So today was the day for my gastro to see if he could figure out what’s what. Results: everything looks better than the first time I had this procedure done. He’s going to test/biopsy the samples and see what that tells him. Even now, my stomach is on its own personal little joy ride. Jeesh. This has gotten beyond ridiculous.

The procedure didn’t go badly at all. It was actually easier. It felt weird being hooked up to oxygen and all though. But, true to her word, once the anesthesiologist gave me the meds I wasn’t feeling weird at all. And apparently I remembered nothing the doctor told me later. I asked Husband four times what the doctor found. Good drugs.

So back to the job I hate this Monday. If I still have one. Honestly, and I know our finances wouldn’t be able to stand it past one or two missed checks, but I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if they fired me. I am so tired of being stuck in a job I hate, not using my degree and only a limited number of my skills. I had a phone screen yesterday that was definitely a confidence booster. Nice to know that resume I’m shuffling out to the metroplex via Career.Builder is doing something. Hopefully next week I’ll get a second call to schedule an interview. I need to get my writing samples together…

Yawn. I don’t know why I’m feeling all sleepy. I slept for about four hours after the procedure. Woke up. Ate. And slept for about two more. Damn good drugs.

Sorry for the boring entry. Maybe I’ll have some better stories to tell after tomorrow’s shopping. Mmmm, shopping.


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