Back from the…

Ready for Things to Settle
Everyone loves a list:
Reasons Why This Morning Was NOT a Good One
• Our washing machine exploded last night. Nuff said.
• Some disrespectful heifer (and ooh I wanna call her worse) called my house TWICE leaving messages for my husband. I’m no jealousy ridden lover. This was an ex-girlfriend who previously told him that her vows to her husband were meaningless. I just need her to keep her slutting ways to herself. Or at least away from me and mine.
• Our plans for last night changed. Stupid washing machine. My face: disappointed. His: oh well it happens. My face then: more disappointed he didn’t get it. His face then: Um, I still don’t get it.
• Last night: my first night home at a decent time since working 10-hour shifts at the plantation, I mean, job.
• This morning I awoke to find: a dirt and stined-covered bathroom floor (at least the dirty laundry was picked up last night), a foul-looking toilet (wow, I hate anthying with pipes), and a plunger in my tub. I’m still shuddering.
• My morning surprise as I rushed out of the house, already five minutes late: a huge, dead, flying, freaking beetle staring at me, belly-up on the driver’s side mat of my car.
• Result of huge, dead, flying, freaking beetle in the wrong place at the wrong time: tears. (What? It’d been a hugely rough night and a tiring day and it was only 8 freaking am.)
• Before I left the house, I remembered that I had no more oatmeal at work so needed to stop and buy breakfast. Before I left the house, I forgot my wallet on the dining room table.
• I didn’t discover said missing wallet until in the drive-thru lane at McDonald’s. With two cars in front of me. And two behind me.
• 30 minutes late to work. Just what you need when you’re trying to prove yourself for a transfer from the department.

Suffering in Non-Silence

I hate when people know, or rather, think they know my business. To be fair, I’ve made it known to the powers that be and my selected “crew” that this ain’t what it is and one way or another, it’s time to transition from my current role at CTC.

Despite me not speaking of this in a public manner nor telling all to all, one of my teammates came up to me with that “little birdy” talk. I hate the little birdy talk. I told her little birdies need to keep their birdie mouths (or beaks) shut. So should she. I didn’t say that part. But I did think it.

It’s like because we’ve casually talked about husbands, children, traveling and she brought me a wedding gift (pretty silver photo album to go on a desk/coffee table) that we can now discuss something that SO needs to be kept private. I want to make NO waves that might impede my progress from this department.

Do I sound catty? I don’t mean too. Perhaps the below email will partially explain.

From: Buttons

Ugh, I feel like my cramps are trying to arrive early…

From: MTM
To: Buttons
Subject: RE:

hmmmmmm… you take something?

From: Buttons
Subject: RE:

No, too early for all that. Just have to suffer in non-silence.

Suffering in non-silence. That’s what I do. And quite well, might I add.

So, how long has it been? And I still haven’t updated. I suck. I admit it. Anyhoo, I’ve been home from work all week. It’s Wednesday and I haven’t seen the inside of my office since last week. Well I went on Tuesday. For about 30 minutes. And then I realized, who the hell am I kidding?? I can’t work like this. And I neatly packed up and left. I did email my boss first. My stomach has been acting an unholy mess. I go in for a procedure Friday. Which probably means I won’t be at work tomorrow. It helps that I don’t particularly care for my job. It doesn’t help that I might not have one to return to next week. We’ll see.
So at home, things are somewhat settling. The house is still partly a mess. Only certain areas. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get a handle on it. We just got gorgeous new bedroom furniture. I can’t wait til the room reflects it. It’ll get there, I know.
In other home news, my husband and I haven’t had sex. In a month. What newlyweds do that? I mean ones that actually love each other. See why I hate my stomach? I have NO drive whatsoever. He kisses me and I feel a big ball of nothing. I hate it. Jeez, how depressing.
So, Friday. Please, Lord, let the light at the end of the tunnel become apparent. Cuz this is so not cool.


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